hi :-) i post/reblog things i find interesting.
tv shows, musicians, movies, actors, art, books, places i wish i could be, text posts and plenty of random shit.
i make gifs sometimes.
i take a lot of screencaps too.
these are popular gifs n shit.
i like drinking, getting high and chain smoking (not necessarily in that order.)
and ya that's really it.
Anonymous asked:
"can you tell which of the people you follow also do drugs?"

lol ya because they’re the people who either didn’t unfollow me when i opened up about it or like my drug related posts. or they just post drug stuff themselves. i mean i bet there are people who do and i don’t know but i think for the most part it’s not that hard to figure out

  1. scrape-your-knee said: lol what the hell
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