Julia/19/New Jersey

hi :) i post/reblog things i find interesting.
tv shows, musicians, movies, actors, art, books, places i wish i could be, text posts and plenty of random shit.
i make gifs sometimes.
these are popular gifs n shit.
i like drinking, getting high and chain smoking (not necessarily in that order.)
and ya that's really it.

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[slides up next to your girl at the bar] i really don’t think the pyramids were built by human hands and aliens seem like the only plausible answer

this would work for me tbh

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the perfect family :’0


the perfect family :’0

like i don’t care if ur a girl or a guy or anything inbetween, if u come at me on some foul shit i am going to address it as soon as it happens and ur gonna know i’m pissed and why and if i can take u like it’s on dude.. don’t play dumb as if you didn’t do something wrong.

don’t fucking touch me don’t touch my fucking face don’t be up in my personal space and act like it’s okay when i don’t even know u

I hate when guys act like I’m not gonna punch them or push them away from me like if I think ur not gonna turn around and murder my ass then I’m gonna do it

Do u ever look at ppl ur friends w now & have been friends w for a long ass time and wonder if you would be friends if u met for the first time today?

listening to west coast like